SBS Video

The secretive SBS has only very rarely been caught on film. The follwing are links to streaming video featuring the SBS…

SBS Combat Footage – SBS in action at Qala-i-janghi

The following is a rare glimpse of the Special Boat Service in action. The footage was taken during the uprising at Qala-i-janghi, 2001. The film shows the SBS team engaging Taleban fighters from the battlements of the old fort, as wave after wave of enemy troops pour out of the gates in attempt to break out. Note: the narrator of the film erroneously identifies the UK special forces as SAS – par for the course for the SBS!

SBS Retake British Embassy

Another brief look at the SBS in action. At the end of Operation Desert Storm, SBS commandos were airlifted to Kuwait City to secure the British Embassy. 2 Chinooks from Squadron 7, RAF Special Forces flew the main team in, who can be seen fast-roping down onto the Embassy buildings. Additional SBS men were fast-roped down from Royal Navy Seakings onto nearby buildings. These men included snipers who covered the main operation.

SBS & U.S. Special Forces in Afghanistan, 2001

Footage showing the SBS team arriving at the Qala-i-janghi fort uprising. US Special Forces (Green Berets) can been seen arriving in a white Toyota van, with the SBS following closely behind in 2 land rovers with white paint schemes. One of the Green Berets can be seen conferring with a CIA operative who had previously had to flee the fort when the uprising began. The subsequent fighting became so intense that the SBS removed the GPMGs from their vehicle mounts and took them up to the battlements in order to engage the Taliban inside.

SBS in Brunei 1997

Short clip featuring the Special Boat Service (SBS) performing a beach reconnaissance whilst on exercise in Brunei, 1997. Ex ‘ Setia Kawan’ involved the Royal Navy, Royal Marines and SBS practicing joint operations with the armed forces of Brunei. UK forces regularly train at a the UK jungle warfare school in Brunei.