SBS(R) – Reserves

The Special Boat Service has a reserves element known as SBS(R). The SBS(R) is used to augment and complement the regular SBS squadrons, rather than operate in independant units, as is the case with 21 and 23 SAS. Training covers all aspects of the regular SBS’s ‘green’ remit excluding Maritime Counter Terrorism (MCT) and underwater ops. SBS(R) forces have deployed alongside their regular counterparts in Afghanistan and Iraq, and are finding plenty to do in the global war on terror.

SBS(R) Selection

Unlike the SAS reserve squadrons, those applying for SBS(R) selection must have previous military experience. Those who’ve racked up 2 years of service in the Royal Marines Reserves can also apply.

As one might expect, entry into the SBS Reserves requires an extremely high standard of fitness.

A 4 day initial selection briefing course consists of:

  • Combat Fitness test (CFT):12.8km carrying 21kg bergen + 4 kg weapon in 2 hours
  • Swim test :500m using any stroke in uniform and retrieve an object from 5m
  • Gym tests
  • Map reading tests
  • Advanced CFT 1:15km carrying 25kg in 2.5 hours
  • Advanced CFT 2:24km carrying 30kg in 4 hours

Candidates who pass the initial selection phase move onto continuation training alongside regular SBS trainees.

To apply for SBS(R) selection, click here for the official MOD SBS(R) website

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