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Underwater Pistol - HK P11

Carried by SBS frogmen, the HKP11 is an underwater weapon that fires 7.62mm x 36mm caliber electrically-actuated rocket-propelled steel darts. It is designed for underwater use, where it has a range of around 15 meters, but can also be fired above water, where it has a range of 30 meters and is extremely quiet in operation. One drawback of the P11 is that the specialised rounds can only be reloaded into the weapon at the HK factory!

HK P11 underwater pistol
P11 Specifications
weight 1.2 kg (loaded
length 200 mm (7.9 in)
rate of fire 500-600 rounds/min
cartridge 100 mm (3.9 in) long, miniature solid-fuelled rocket with fins
caliber 7.62x31mm (steel dart)
feed system 5 rounds, 1 in each barrel
effective range 30 m (air)
15 m (underwater)

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