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HK 53 Carbine

The Heckler & Koch HK53 carbine bridges the gap between sub-machine gun and assault rifle. The HK53 is essentially a compact version of the HK33 series of rifles. Not much bigger than a 9mm MP5, the HK53 is a 5.56mm carbine that UKSF used in Northern Ireland where its compactness and firepower was popular, particularly amongst teams working in cars. The HK53 is also frequently carried by various British Military close protection units (bodyguards). HK53s come with either a extendable or solid stock and are usually fited with a safe/single/3-round burst/auto trigger group.

The SBS have been seen carrying the HK53 during operations in East Timor, 1999.

HK 53

HK53 Specifications
british military designation L101A1
weight 3.05 kg
length Retractable stock:
  563 mm (22.2 in) (retracted)
  755 mm (29.7 in) (extended)
barrel length 225 mm (8.9 in)
rate of fire 700 rounds/min
caliber 5.56x45mm NATO
magazine capacity 25/30/40
muzzle velocity 750 m/s (2,461 ft/s)
effective range 400 m (219 yd)

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