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Klepper Canoes

In this age of high-tech warfare, it may seem strange that the SBS are still using canoes, equipment that hasn't essentially changed much since World War 2 but the reality is that these non-metallic canoes still provide an effective, stealthy method of moving small teams of men around enemy coastlines and waterways.

The Klepper canoes can be broken down into 2 parts so that the 2 man crew can carry them on their backs across country or hide them effectively. A GPMG or mortar(!) can be fitted and crew members may carry anti-tank rockets to deal with enemy surface craft.

The Kleppers are also versatile in the way they can be deployed. They can be launched from other boats and surfaced submarines or carried to the surface by divers. Kleppers can be parachuted from C130s into the ocean or dropped out the back of RAF Chinooks.

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