SBS Books

A selection of SBS-related books with a brief review and links to purchase from

Inside the Special Boat Service

Author: John Parker

Excellent resource, covering the history of the unit from its conception to its operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. This book includes a plethora of photos. Definitely a must read.

First into Action

Author: Duncan Falconer

One man’s story of his life in the Special Boat Service. This is a great read as it includes many personal accounts of SBS training, including a full-scale assault on a North Sea Oil Rig. The author also served in the 14th Intelligence Company, or ‘The Det’ and the book contains some fascinating accounts of operations in Northern Ireland.

Black Water

Author: Don Camsell

As an SBS operator, Don Camsell saw action in Oman, The Falklands and the streets of Belfast. His book is full of personal accounts of operations and training exercises and provides a gripping insight into the life of an SBS trooper. One particular highlight is the author’s account of his team storming an Argentine spy ship during the Falklands conflict.

Bloody Heroes

Author: Damien Lewis

I’ve only just read this book and it’s a fantastically detailed account of the SBS at work in Afghanistan. The book’s climax features the fort uprising at qala-i-janghi which turned out to be the bloodiest battle of the whole war. Bloody Heroes also has details of the SBS raid on the cargo ship, MV Nisha. Highly recommended.

Operation Certain Death

Author: Damien Lewis

The true story of the SAS/SBS rescue mission in Sierra Leone. This book is a real page turner, the author totally emerses the reader in the action which builds to a spectacular climax as the rescue teams go in!